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1. From what species do you intend to record?

2. What type of signals do you intend to record from each headstage: single units, LFP, EEG, EMG, and how many of each signal will need to be recorded?

3. Do you want a digital receiver with our Neuroware™ data acquisition system or a wireless radio receiver with analog output? Our digital receiver (Digital output through the integrated DAQ) can also be used natively with Labview or MatLab data acquisition toolkits.

4. If you want to have a receiver with an analog output, what acquisition system will you use to record the data and, if known, what total system gain is required and what is the input voltage range of that system?

5. For a single recording session, what is the maximum length of time you would like to record from the animal?

6. What type of cage environment will the animal be contained within during the recording?

7. What type of electrodes will be used and will these be attached directly to an appropriate mating connector for the headstage (to be indicated on the quote) or would you prefer that an electrode interface board be quoted?

8a. Are you interested in tracking LEDS on the headstages? If so which 2 of the available colors (red, green or blue) do you want? If you do want the LEDs, do you want to have them board mounted (permanent) or as LED sockets?

8b. Do you have interest in a three axis accelerometer being integrated with the headstage? This will result in the use of three of the available signal/electrode channels.

8c. Would you like us to quote an ultrasonic microphone headstage accessory?

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