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OptiMap is available as a stand-alone application or integrated within NeuroWare to enable synchronized neural data acquisition. We designed this software for simplicity - viewing and editing tracking data is easy and intuitive and our proprietary path interpolation functions significantly reduce time needed for filling in missing or mistracked data points.


  • Track any number of uniquely colored points in real time
  • Record offline video and track positions, orientations, and velocity behavioral information
  • Uses USB webcam; No frame grabbers or compression cards required
  • One-click automatic calibration optimizes tracking in any light condition
  • Easy conversion from pixel space to environmental distance with optional user-defined sub-regions
  • Real time display of tracked positions and paths can be synchronized with NeuroWare DAQ data
  • Automatic identification and interpolation functionality for time intervals
  • Offline manual & semi-automatic data editing with interval selection for individual or grouped data point position adjustment
  • Videos stored as .avi files; Position information files stored as text, binary, .xls or .mat
  • Offered as standalone executable or integrated within NeuroWare

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