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The following accessories will replace channels typically used for neural recording on the headstage. Installation of these features will increase the headstage's length by 0.4 inches, its height by 0.2 inches, and its weight by 0.4 grams. The biosensor options can be installed in any combination.


  • Temperature - Records temperature with small thermistors which can be placed anywhere in or on the animal.
  • XYZ Acceleration - Monitors x, y, and z acceleration at the headstage and outputs analog information along 3 active headstage channels. Animal head velocity and position can later be calculated in software.
  • Ultrasound Microphone - Records frequencies between 10kHz and 30kHz.


Compatible with W-Series, M-Series, and T-Series

Cables & Connectors

We supply a wide variety of Omnetics brand connectors and cables. Though our headstages typically use Omnetics connectors, they have been tested for compatibility with various other connector brands. Please notify us if you wish to use a connector brand other than the standard and we will try to incorporate it into your headstage.


All of our recording and stimulation solutions include standard cables and tethers, but we can also accommodate individual orders for customized cables. Just give us the details about your desired pinout and cable length and we'll take care of the rest.


Cables & Connectors available for W-Series, M-Series, T-Series, and S-Series


Choose from Plastics1 and Dragonfly Inc. slipring commutators to accommodate between 1 and 18 separate transmission lines.


Commutators available for M-Series and T-Series

Electrode Interface Boards

Electrode Interface Boards (EIBs) can be easily incorporated into your animal's implant to provide a sturdy anchor for your headstages and electrodes. We stock a variety of board shapes and sizes ideal for any animal, including mice. We are also capable of designing custom EIB solutions.


Electrode Interface Boards available for W-Series, M-Series, T-Series, and S-Series

External Batteries

If you require extra battery life for longer experiments, you have the option to replace the standard internal 4 hour battery with one of our 12 hour or 25 hour external battery options. Using an external battery also helps relieve weight from the animal's head, but it must be stored in a rat jacket or other garment. We also offer wireless power options.


External Batteries available for W-Series and S-Series


A harness is recommended for securing external headstage components, such as a battery, onto the back of a rat or mouse.


Harnesses available for W-Series and S-Series

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