Simplicity in Neuro-Solutions

Neural Recording

Reliably record up to 224 channels of various neuronal signals. We offer wireless, multiplexed, and tethered recording solutions.

Electrical Stimulation

Electrically stimulate the brain with our dual channel stimulator solution and generate stimulation patterns using StimWare.

Optogenetic Stimulation

Wirelessly stimulate the brain with two bright and safe LEDs attached on our flexible Optrodes. You can also generate stimulation patterns using Opto StimWare.


Triangle BioSystem's wireless series combines the accuracy of a tethered recording solution with the flexibility of a wireless environment.

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Our analog recording solutions are capable of integrating with hardware systems from Multi Channel Systems, Plexon, Blackrock Microsystems, Neuralynx, Tucker-Davis Technologies, Ripple, and Cambridge Electronic Design Limited or directly to our proprietary data acquisition software, NeuroWare, which can also export your data into popular file formats, such as .nex, .txt. and .edf

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